The Right Sacramento Divorce Lawyer Can Make a Positive Difference

Divorce lawyers in Sacramento may feel like a dime a dozen. But the good ones are not. That is what you want – not just any lawyer to handle your divorce but a family law firm that fits you and your case. That is why you are here.

Our family law firm’s uncompromising goal is the result oriented representation of our clients. Our divorce attorneys’ honest and hard-working representation starts at the core of who we are as people.

In our personal lives, we strive to care for our own families. In our family law firm, our divorce lawyers focus on yours. We do this because you face a spouse to whom you once committed your love, but with whom you now face a separation and divorce.

The divorce attorneys at Dietrich Family Law have the legal experience, courtroom experience and life experience that helps us excel for our clients. We represent husbands and wives, fathers and mothers going through or are about to embark on one of the most challenging times of their lives. And we get results. Read what one of our clients wrote about us:

Hiring Attorney Christopher and his law firm was an excellent choice. I am happy with the service that they provided. I didn’t have to worry about anything, especially since it could be a nerve wrecking experience. Christopher helped me in every step of the way with my case, he was thorough and quick to answer every question. I am truly grateful for finding Christopher. I am sure this is more than I could have gotten on my own. I can’t say enough how happy and thankful I am.


Communication is the cornerstone of the family law attorney and client relationship

Mothers rights Sacramento divorce attorneys
Mothers trust our Sacramento family law attorneys with their cases and children

At our law firm, we excel at communicating and we expect the same in return. How do we do this?

  1. You talk to your divorce attorney about your case’s facts and issues, not a secretary or paralegal. Our attorneys are never too busy to return your phone call or speak with you. That, by itself, is very different from how most Sacramento divorce lawyers handle their cases.
  2. Your divorce attorney communicates with you about strategy and budget. We talk about planning and preparation for court appearances and any significant event coming up. This includes court, mediation, meetings and conferences.
  3. Your divorce attorney makes him or herself available by telephone, email and in person.
  4. Your divorce attorney will not take important actions on your case without first consulting with you and gaining your consent. If you have questions, your lawyer will take the time to answer them and make sure you understand what we are doing and why. We don’t make decisions for you. Our family law lawyers collaborate with you. The final choices are with you and you stay in control of your case, as it should be.
  5. If there is ever an emergency after business hours or on the weekend, you will have your divorce lawyer’s cell phone number to contact.
fathers rights sacramento divorce lawyers
Fathers trust our Sacramento divorce attorneys with their cases and kids… you should too.

Notice we stated we expect the same level of communication from you. That means when you decide to hire our family law firm, we expect you will take your case seriously and communicate with us effectively throughout your representation.

This is important to us and to you. For our Sacramento divorce attorneys to take on a case, we must believe you want effective representation focused on reasonable results consistent with the facts and the law.

This is not something that just happens.

Our divorce lawyers ask you questions right at the outset of the case about the facts and issues. Our expectation is you will take the time and care to answer them. When we have your first answers, we will follow through with more questions until we have clarity on all the important facts.

Time, caring and patience.

Your divorce lawyer will give you all three. You get the reward of having an advocate that knows your case and knows how to present it in both settlement discussions and family court.

We have also learned through years of experience the best divorce clients are good-hearted, well-meaning and well intended men and women. The kind we represent are ones who want the best for themselves and their children. There is a direct correlation between that type of client which our family law attorneys enjoy representing and results. Our divorce lawyers work hard to effectively and aggressively represent good people and we see their deep appreciation.

Want examples? Here are some testimonials written by clients:

Chris was (and is) an amazing lawyer. His compassionate demeanor and educated guidance turned what could have been a very ugly, drawn out divorce into a much easier ordeal for me. His knowledge of the divorce process is so vast that he had an immediate answer/counsel for every issue I had. His personality and compassion made even the tough issues acutally easy for me. I would certainly reccomend him to anyone needing guidance and representation in the divorce process. Thank you so much for all that you do and have done thus far, Chris.

Chris is extremely diligent in handling our case. He is easy to get ahold of and answers messages in a timely manner. Frantic moments happen in life, and one of the worst parts of chaos is waiting for a response. His knowledge of family law is vast, with that he has relieved the heavy stressors in this process. Chris is very well spoken, confident, and easy to talk to. We are thankful and lucky to have him as our voice. I cannot express enough appreciation for everything Chris has done for us and will continue to use him as our representation. Thank you whole heartedly!

Mr. Deitrich handled my divorce in a very complete and professional manner. I would absolutely use him again for any legal needs I might have in the future. I was also impressed with the fact that he donates time and work to victims of domestic violence.


How our Sacramento divorce attorneys and you build a strategy that is right for your case

Before we tell you what we mean by strategy, read what more past clients write about it and how our divorce lawyers helped them.

Honestly, I’ve dealt with other attorneys and with Chris, its pleasant because you can trust him. He’s not going to be vindictive, but he will fight for what’s fair. You never have to call him, because if there is news on your case, he calls immediately. Honesty is what you get with him. He presents well and he is the nicest guy in the court. Judges see his calm demeanor. If you want a snake, he’s not for you, but if you want brutal honesty, Chris is your guy. You’ll never feel uncomfortable or judges by Chris. He’s as good as they get.

Finding the right Sacramento divorce lawyer
We help clients like you plan and prepare for the divorce with smart and effective strategies

Too many spouses file divorce petitions or respond to them without having any plan or purpose. It is almost like they expect everything to just figure itself out over time while they give their lawyers an open checkbook.

That is not the smart way to handle a divorce.

Together, you and your divorce lawyer can put together a plan and a strategy. If you have a divorce case with complex child custody, support or property issues, the need for planning and preparation as well as a strategy become more important.

The strategy to which we refer starts before filing the divorce petition. It carries through the entire case, to the end.

The strategy may get modified from time to time as new facts or new events occur.

Even if you have a simple case or you are unmarried and the only issues are child custody and child support, a strategy is still necessary.

Here are some examples, for both married and unmarried couples, of questions and issues that you and your family law attorney will discuss and strategize about: