What Happens If a Spouse Dies During the Divorce Process?

With the increasing prevalence of “gray divorces,” a term commonly used to describing divorces involving older adults, spouses and attorneys sometimes must deal with the issue of what should happen if one of the parties involved passes away before the divorce is finalized. This, of course, can add some complications to the process.

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Who Gets the Pet After a Divorce?

Child custody is often one of the most hotly contested issues during the divorce proceedings of couples who have children together. But in many cases, deciding on who will get to keep a family pet can be just as emotional and stressful.

Courts generally treat pets as personal property rather than children. However, some lawmakers and advocacy groups have pushed for courts to rethink how they treat pets during divorce cases, arguing that the best interests of the animals should be a key consideration.

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‘Flip or Flop’ Couple Show How Divorcing Spouses Can Still Run a Business Together

Upon news of a divorce between the show’s stars, cable network HGTV announced its hit series “Flip or Flop” is coming back for a seventh season.

The couple at the center of the show, Tarek and Christina El Moussa, are currently going through a divorce. However, that has not stopped them from signing on to do at least 20 more episodes together. Per information released by HGTV, the season will be primarily about the “ups and downs of Tarek and Christina’s house flipping business, as well as their family life.”

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Study: More Couples Divorcing Over Political Disagreements

A new study from Wakefield Research, a polling company based in Virginia, indicates that there has been a stark increase in the number of couples — both married and unmarried — breaking up due to intense political disagreements.

According to the study, one in 10 couples that broke up did so because of differences in political opinions, with Millennials (people born between 1982 and 2000) being the most likely to split over politics — at 22 percent. These breakups have become particularly common during and after last year’s contentious election season.

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